• What?

    The best fit for a flexographic printing packaging company

  • For?

    Werthan Packaging

  • When a DG customer asks for help with an important decision, it’s a no brainer – we listen and we step up. A longtime customer and leader in pet nutrition packaging, Werthan Packaging, considered its future with internal graphics and pre press and what made sense for them. This was an important decision for their own brand and we jumped at the chance to help.


    We worked with Werthan to fully…

    -Understand the team, workflows, costs, and time involved in the entire process from order received to press run…

    -Collaborate and present what activities could be consolidated, costs reduced, and processes streamlined…

    -Implement an integrated partnership role in which DG became an extension of Werthan’s business for graphics and prepress, enabling their focus on profitable revenue streams and serving customers at the highest level.


    Together we’re taking the relationship to a new level, resulting in significant positives in savings, print quality, efficiency and profitability for our customer and a win-win for both companies.