What Rapid Transformation Looks Like at DG, and How We’re Using it to Benefit Our Customers

23 Mar What Rapid Transformation Looks Like at DG, and How We’re Using it to Benefit Our Customers

Trans-for-ma-tion: 1. To alter markedly the appearance or form of. 2. To change the nature, function or condition of.

It’s a word that’s not lost on Dixie Graphics. Started as a prepress trade shop for letterpress printers, DG has reinvented itself over the years to evolve into a multi-services company.

But that was just the beginning. Within the past few years, DG has dramatically transformed into an integrated graphic supply chain company focused on delivering business results across our customers’ enterprises.

We focus on driving growth within many areas of our customers’ businesses, because each and every function in a business directly correlates with the output of other functions. We call that the supply chain affect. We believe that if you improve operations, functionality and efficiency in one function, it unquestionably will affect the output of other functions within the organization.

The first step in making that happen is to listen to our customers. We commit to understanding their processes and how they operate, as well as understanding their business goals to ultimately make our model work for them…not the other way around. We seek to quantify their problems/opportunities and provide solutions that deliver bottom line results…most importantly, in dollars and cents.

Whether our customers are CPGs, printer/converters or environmental signage clients, we have but one goal: help them grow their businesses and take out cost. How? By helping them manage their supply chain, deliver consistent branding, and improve speed to market to win in the marketplace or on the shelf. These are customer-driven solutions that are tailored to each business, not an off-the-shelf product that provides little more than a one-off, and very limiting, result.

Our advantages lie in our core competencies and customer-needs focus. Combined with lean manufacturing processes that we continually update and innovate, DG provides customized, value-based solutions that allow our customers to win, all the while letting them focus on what’s most important to grow their business.

We like to think we’re changing for the better…and are always seeking to work with companies that think the same way.