How Customers Helped Change DG’s Signage Business

08 Mar How Customers Helped Change DG’s Signage Business

It’s amazing what listening – especially to your customers – will do for business. Dixie Graphics began making signs shortly after tactile copy and Braille signs became required in all public buildings, per the ADA, opening a new market for a material, sheets of zinc metal, and a process, chemical photoengraving, that DG had been using for years to produce letterpress plates for commercial printers.

After years of building relationships in a new market – the sign industry – as a wholesaler to companies small and large, the focus shifted to each customer’s business instead of DG’s. A new approach to reshape conversations from “will you use/buy more of this?” to “what are you looking for and what will help your business grow?” provided valuable insight on what would be needed to truly ‘Delight The Customer.’

Focus was placed on customers’ core businesses and keys to their growth. What things in their respective operations were painful (or not as profitable)? What was most important to ‘make life easier’ for them? These are all questions that have helped DG become an integrated partner. Could DG help a customer’s business grow by providing products and services, allowing the customer to spend more time on its core business and growth strategies?

Today DG’s environmental signage success stories include packages for large projects. Letters, directories, fabricated cabinet signs, directional, photopolymer, raster/applied, and – yes – zinc signs were all part of these projects. The success factor has and will continue to rest on keys DG feels are most important in its relationships – starting with communication. Listening to the customers and what’s important to their businesses is what has transformed DG into an integrated graphics supply chain partner.