• What?

    Product Line Launch for Large Grocery Wholesaler

  • For?

    Immotion Studios

  • Why?

    Consumer Branding

  • Because?

    Immotion Studios, a brand development agency, needed an “invisible”, flexible, responsive business partner they trusted to help serve their client, the brand owner. DG’s mission was to serve as an integrated supplier who complemented the other supply chain members. Our task began from the ground up to meet the complicated, short-windowed objectives of their brand customer.

    After carefully listening to the project’s “control center” (the client!) about their priorities, DG took action. We started with the product launch date and built the entire timeline chain backwards to ensure deliverables – in this case, plate-ready files – were received timely and correctly by the appropriate multiple players in the supply chain. Result? Mission accomplished!

  • Client Benefits?

    • DG provided detailed timelines regarding food production, print and pre-media lead times and logistics, empowering Immotion with a supply chain model that achieved the brand owner’s goals.
    • DG continually tracked project status and communicated progress to Immotion Studios for their client reports.
    • DG processed graphics for approximately 120 skus in less than 30 days, and managed press profiles, final file transfers and nearly 22 print vendor relationships for the agency.