• What?

    Interior signage for hotel renovation

  • For?

    Jones Sign Company & Edgewater Hotel, Madison, WI

  • Why?

    Environmental Signage

  • Because?

    More for less is the extra edge Jones Sign Co. passed along to the Edgewater Hotel when handling interior signage for their major update. Famous for hosting celebs like Elvis and the Dalai Lama, the landmark hotel wanted signage with the exceptionally elegant look of aged bronze. Unfortunately bronze didn’t fit their budget or timeframe, but DG rose to Jones’ challenge.

    With extremely short lead time, DG developed and produced more than 1200 upscale “bronze-tinted” custom signs using a variety of base materials and processes that were more economical but resulted in a classic look. Then DG provided the extra edge of strategic logistics.

  • Client Benefits?

    • DG’s ingenuity offered an alternative option of materials that achieved the desired high-end appearance, yet significantly saved time and expenses to meet both budget and deadline.
    • DG reliably served as Jones’ single turnkey resource to provide concept, fabrication drawings, color samples, and digitally-printed temporary signs that replicated what the finished products would look like….all provided for client approval.