• What?

    Event Branding

  • For?

    Big Loud Records

  • BOOM!

    When Nashville’s Big Loud Records was set to welcome attendees to the Country Radio Seminar this year, everything was set; venue, food, drink, a hit song… errgh, everything except branding.

    DG stepped in to nail the design and production of vinyl floor and table graphics, banners, and an exterior welcome sign. We made a last minute addition look like part of the original plan. Why? To build a relationship of handling their brand – not build in an upcharge.

    Meanwhile, BLR focused on what they do: entertain clients, talk music, focus on their relationships and drink to a breakout 2016… and they’re on their way! Rock on!

    “Hey DG! I just wanted to say a big thank you to you and your team for the amazing static clings, banners and other branding items. They really put the finishing touches on our event last night. I appreciate everything and look forward to working together again soon!”

    – Maggie Abrams, Big Loud Records